What is the Difference between Moisturizing and Hydrating?

When you see cosmetics products, you often see products which help with moisturizing and products with hydrating. That sounds like the same thing, but it isn’t. So what is the difference between moisturizing and hydrating? The difference is really important, so we will give you a quick rundown of the two.

Skin Moisturizers

A moisturizer makes sure that the water inside of your skin cannot leave easily. If you are out on a hot day, water will leave your skin quickly. That dries up your skin, and is a huge problem. The moisturizer makes it difficult for moisture to leave your skin, it acts like a barrier.

Skin Hydrators

Hydrators try to elevate the amount of water your skin contains (along with providing nutrients and other nice helpful things). So if your skin has been in the sun for a while, you might want to use a hydrator to get the water level up again.

Think of your skin like a bank account. You want to have that bank account full all the time. But there are too much things you want to buy, so your bank account gets drained all the time. The hydrator stocks up your bank account, so that it always stays full and healthy. The moisturizer makes sure not too much cash can leave the bank account, like a monthly withdrawal limit. Kind of a weird analogy, but I think everyone can relate 😉

Important to note: the moisturizer acts like a barrier. That means it makes it difficult for water to come into the skin as well! So you should always apply the hydrator before a moisturizer.

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